Saturday, October 24, 2009

Artistic Expectations

I love being creative. I love it. Here is the only downside of saying, "Yes, I am an artist". Expectations!! When creativity flows and the Yin and Yang is in balance, I can feel it and it is exhilarating but when I have a creative job to do I can feel the hot breath of pressure down my neck. I can't wait around for the inspiration to hit so I sit, have coffee, peruse my favorite art books...still no inspiration. Time for a brisk walk, iPod, the dog, and motivating music. Nothing yet. Ahhh, finally, an idea for this project and yes, I think I can do it! So what is this project that threw me into artistic limbo today? Design a Halloween backdrop to use for the Trunk or Treat festivities at the local elementary school. I think a lot of artists are like matter the size of the project, we want to create the masterpiece because we are, after all, the "artist".

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