Thursday, November 19, 2009

American Folk Art

Painting my fingers to the bone...really and truly I'm not behind on my 30 Day Challenge but I am so behind on the photography ! By Saturday for sure... I'm focusing on primitive American folk art as that is what I know and love. Occasionally I like to stretch and try something new on the canvas but I always return to my first true love :) Three times a year I teach a class in American folk art and each time I'm amazed at #1: how beautiful each and every painting turns out and #2: how there is a unique skill connected to recreating that old world look that folk art enthusiasts adore. When I'm teaching I tell my students that we are not going to follow all of the rules of creating "good" art. In folk art we get to embrace the breaking of some of the more formal rules. I can paint in a more traditional manner with landscapes, still life and so on but folk art, primitive folk art is what touches my soul. I have an extensive collection of art books but the most dog eared are the folk art books. I never get tired of studying and appreciating these early works.

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