Thursday, November 5, 2009

I genuinly love my paintings even when I look back later and wonder why I chose those colors or that landscape or whatever... But once in a while there is a painting that I truly LOVE and I can't really say why. On this particular piece maybe it is the face of the angel or maybe I'm just in love with its large size (30 x 40 inches), no I think it is something in the eyes. Hmm, well for whatever reason, as it hangs in my studio, I am entranced by it. I had already posted a photo a couple weeks ago when I finished this one but I will post one again right now.

Good news for my jewelry line at . The wonderful people at Hansen Co. Jewelry in Salt Lake City, Utah will be carrying some of my select pieces in the near future!

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sweetmaggiemay said...

oh i absolutely love this!