Monday, November 16, 2009

Originality in Artwork

I was talking with some friends recently about originality in art work. The general consensus is that it seems such an exercise in futility to be completely original. While I do agree that it seems everything has been done, it is still awe inspiring to see how each artist will replay what may seem to be an old subject. Angels have been painted forever. Landscapes?? Wow, they are everywhere. In just my lifetime I've seen more than enough landscapes, folksy or otherwise, to last a lifetime. But each time I see a new painting of these subjects, I am amazed at the subtle nuances that make a painting unique to the artist. Wow, how do they do it? I've seen the old wooden house on the hill but then along comes another old wooden house on a hill and that artist used a great combination of colors or gave a unique shape to the house or, well, you get it. I think that is what separates the people who love and appreciate art from those who would rather have their walls bare. We see the sweet, subtle, intriguing, or downright boisterous differences between his landscape and her landscape and we are again in awe.

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