Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pursuit of Joy

Pursuit of pure joy is serious business. I'm paraphrasing someone and I apologize as I can't remember who said it, but is fits me to a tee. Having painted for most of my life, more and more I realize the need to close off the world when I am "at work". My home studio is a place where I lose all track of time and space ...if I let it! And that is where my heart of hearts can truly pour onto the canvas. The quandary happens when the phone rings or I hear a knock at the door or I start wondering what time I need to get dinner in the oven ... In other words, just because my studio is at my home location doesn't mean I can allow my mind to be at home. To really create, to allow my mind to generate ideas freely I have to block all of the mundane tasks of day to day life. I have read that this is true of home based businesses. From what I've read, even if your business is home based you need to get out of your pj's, dress for work and focus just as you would at the office. So it stands true for artists also, even though most of us LOVE it and we know we would do it for free even if we could never sell even one iota, we need to give ourselves permission to close out the world and focus on that pursuit of pure joy.

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