Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is that noise?

I was working on a painting in my home studio a couple nights ago, windows were open letting in cool late night air. It was very quiet. Unlike my usual music to paint by I had opted for the quiet sound of the late night. I heard a noise. This noise was not the normal late night crickets, frogs, breeze blowing through. It was the kind of noise that made the hair on my neck stand up. My ever fearless watchdog/studio hound was sound asleep but I called her name to see if she detected anything wrong. I cracked the door and told her to "go get it" and she took off like a rocket. I could see nothing out of the ordinary from my window but she barked and stood at attention, unrelenting. By now I had realized that my painting was going to be put on the back burner while I figured out whether to step outside into the unknown with my fearless dog or go hide under the bed! I couldn't let her bark all night so I turned on the spotlight in the backyard and safely behind my glass door I scanned the perimeter to see if I could see what or where the intruder was. And there up in a tree was a raccoon. After all that, a raccoon. He was staring at me, stunned and scared. So I called me dog off and stood staring at that poor alarmed creature and decided that all I could do was turn off the spotlight and let it go on its way. How does all of that relate to my paintings? Well, it doesn't really except that I’m sure that a raccoon will show up in one of my paintings very soon...

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