Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time for Change

New Years Eve... when I was young I would imagine that by 2010 we would all be traveling in hovercrafts, hmmm, picture the Jetsons. I'm sure I have just dated myself :)  But here we are,  much is the same even with profound developments in technology. My lists for the new year are almost complete, so much to be thankful for but so much to do...

I see the new year as a time of change for myself. I am an artist but I am also a teacher. This year I am a teacher without a classroom, one of many California teachers who have regretfully found themselves a victim of the economic crisis. Regardless of how much "recovery" news is out there, it is not so for the many excellent teachers waiting for a classroom.   I love my vagabond artistic life right now. I paint and create and even sell and I have met some wonderful people worldwide. But time to "re-invent" myself again. The arts in my life will continue but time to go back to school....again.  I'm the most educated woman I know without a job! It's a good thing I have a sense of humor :D    I would love to hear from other women who have re-invented themselves to pursue different careers.

Gratitude for Thursday:  I'm grateful for the feeling of excited anticipation that I feel for the year ahead.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Preparing for the New Year

And so another Christmas passes and I count my blessings again...

I'm working on my "lists" today. I'm making a list of things I like about myself even though some of them seem a bit quirky, well quirky if you are not me:)  I'm making a list of things I'm thankful for, hmmm, is it wrong to include this great latte I just made with a dash of cocoa and a hint of cinnamon? Then comes the list of what I want to focus on this coming year. Not resolutions, just areas of my life that need tweaking.  My biggest goal right now is to keep each list somewhere between 7 and 19 points. Less than 7 seems lazy, more than 19 feels too regimented, too anal.

No uninterrupted time for art this past week. Soon...

And finally, watched a great movie last night: Julie & Julia.  I know, I know, it has been out for a while but I rarely ever see a movie at the theater. There were so many scenes that I completely connected with. I'm not sure if I would call it a "chick flick" or not but I watched it with my teenage son and my husband and I was the only one laughing (meltdown on the kitchen floor)  and the only one tearful with joy as she finds success doing something she loves. 

Gratitude for Sunday: Here in the Western U.S. where it barely feels like winter with these perpetual sunny days, I'm grateful for clouds and even a little rain today.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Days Away from the Studio

I'm adding this link for the cloth and clay dolls website. I have to say, it is great group of people and I had such a blast making my first folk style doll, with instruction from the website, well I have to pass on the good stuff. I felt honored to have my first doll featured on the main page, very cool.
Cloth and Clay Dolls brought to you by Gritty Jane

I have not painted at all this weekend. Life got in the way but it was good. My son's soccer tournament and and an absolutly necessary day of winter deep cleaning at the homestead. I'm working on two paintings these days and each time I venture into the studio those darn paintings look so sad and neglected. One is a folk art  countryside and the other is another in the angel series.

Gratitude for Sunday : I'm thankful for the bundle of firewood that warmed our home today.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Folk Doll and Newest Jewelry Piece

I finished the cloth and clay folk art doll, just love her, came out very sweet. As a matter of fact, love her so much I just started another. I'm posting a photo of her as well as a piece of jewelry that I just put on my Etsy website. The jewelry is a charm bracelet that I made to pay homage to one of may favorite shows: I Love Lucy.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

UNCLE !!!!

And so I yell "UNCLE!!!" My "painting-a-day challenge" is now 7 paintings behind and I give in to my darned slow and meticulous painting technique. I did get pleasantly sidetracked by my cloth and clay doll project, a little different painting "canvas". I'll be posting a photo of the finished folk doll soon.
There are many blogs I check out in a quick read daily but there is one that I stumbled upon yesterday: Life Without Novacaine by Deborah Mori . I really enjoyed reading it but the one thing I loved the most was her "Gratitudes". At the end of each posting she puts one thing she is grateful for so I hope you don't mind Deborah, but I love that idea so much that I will now be including that on my blog. Why? Well, in these times we need to look for the silver lining. It's there but if I don't pause to think about it I look past it to see only the cloud.

Gratitude for Sunday: I'm grateful for the beautiful Christmas lights on my front yard, looks like a scene from a fairytale. What are you grateful for ?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feathering the Art Nest.

Okay, yes I am behind on my 30 Day Challenge.... But I'm an optimist so I will double up the next few days. I have to say it is a labor of love to do these quick paintings.

I spoke with a gallery owner this week and I always walk away with two feelings after the portfolio review: 1) it's great to talk art, it just is a pleasure and 2) there is always that moment when I find myself searching their face for more, guess I'm looking for more adjectives.

I'm not sure if other artists are experiencing this but with our economy, being what it is, the luxury of buying art is not at the top of the priority list. But the selling of materials and tools to make art seems to be thriving. I think about myself when it's time to tighten the belt, I always find a little bit to spend on that prized paintbrush to add to my collection or a new tube of paint or today’s purchase, masonite board for a new painting. Do I already have paint, brushes, and canvases?? Yes!! but I love to feather my art nest with more :) My walking shoes have a few more miles on them, last year’s coat still looks good and manicure? pedicure? not nearly as much fun as this new brush and crackling medium I'm anxious to try.