Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Days Away from the Studio

I'm adding this link for the cloth and clay dolls website. I have to say, it is great group of people and I had such a blast making my first folk style doll, with instruction from the website, well I have to pass on the good stuff. I felt honored to have my first doll featured on the main page, very cool.
Cloth and Clay Dolls brought to you by Gritty Jane

I have not painted at all this weekend. Life got in the way but it was good. My son's soccer tournament and and an absolutly necessary day of winter deep cleaning at the homestead. I'm working on two paintings these days and each time I venture into the studio those darn paintings look so sad and neglected. One is a folk art  countryside and the other is another in the angel series.

Gratitude for Sunday : I'm thankful for the bundle of firewood that warmed our home today.

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