Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thank you, Merci, Danke, Gracias…

This past week I’m happy to have sold one of my favorite original paintings to Julie in New York and a totally cute art card to Shauna in Nevada. The art card is one in my angel series and the painting is from my primitive collection. Thank you, Merci, Danke, Gracias…

Gratitude for Sunday: I’m grateful to have enjoyed the company of good food, good wine and good friends last night.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Art Class

As an artist I try as much as possible to give some volunteer time at a local elementary school. I go in and teach a one hour art class and I love it. I'll keep my soapbox packed away so I will just say that art is highly underrated in public schools and it saddens me. In order to be more “whole-brained”, schools need to give equal weight to the arts, creativity, and the skills of imagination and synthesis. 

Part of my New Year’s “tweaking” this year is to simplify and trim down my collection of art supplies. I can never pass up a new (greatly discounted) art gadget, paint color, brush… well it can go on and on. I’m not a minimalist when it comes to art stuff. Everything has a use and I love to try something new. An art store can hold my attention for hours, literally. Fortunately I have artistic friends who also love to get a great deal on slightly used loved art supplies.

Most importantly today - God Bless and help the people of Haiti.

Gratitude for Wednesday: The warm sunshine that came out today.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Foggy in California

It has been foggy here for over a week now. It seems that I do have a limit on how much wintery fog I can stand before I start to feel a little oppressed mental sluggish street rat crazy uninspired. My studio curtains are open wide but I paint for a short time before I start to feel blah !! And I love this weather but it seems I do have a saturation point. Lately I've been spending a lot more time reading blogs... of other artsists, the most wintery, foggy day activity I can imagine :)

Gratitude for Friday: It's "fast food Friday", goofy tradition that keeps me out of the kitchen on Friday nights!