Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day Two of the Painting

Day two on this painting....
On another note, I had the pleasure of discovering an antique shop today that I had not been to before. There are two types of antique stores. There are the ones in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills... when you enter you feel as though you have entered a  beautifully orchestrated arrangement of historical treasures. Everything is arranged perfectly, Art Deco to the left, Mission to the right, Victorian  - 2nd floor... and it all smells nice, like springtime. But the type of shop I really love, my discovery today, was my favorite kind. When you walk in, it smells like Grandma's attic, musty, very musty. And nothing was really arranged in any particular order. It was a treasure hunt and I found my own personal gold mine :)   Buried in the back, under some old paintings that had caught my eye, was a trunk of vintage linens.  It's a weakness, old linens, so I bundled the batch up in a raggedy, but still useful quilt, and bought it all as well as the old painting that had originally caught my attention.  I do something special with old linens, something "artsy" so within a couple weeks I'll share some photos with you.

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