Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beeswax Art Cards

Okay, so I've been having fun with the beeswax projects lately. Ended up having a blast making mixed media art cards using beeswax, actually using many layers of different mediums but topping it off with beeswax. It's very addicting, not only the way it lays down, but also the smell. Hmmm, smells like honey when it's warm...just a very nice medium to work with. I also like the surreal look it gives the art. There is almost a dreamlike quality to the image after beeswax is applied. My only problem right now is keeping my cat from pulling the beeswax warming pot off of my studio table !! That is a disaster I would not want to explain to the veterinarian !  I know many artists add pigment to the beeswax but so far I just really like the natural coloring, maybe I'll add color later. I will be putting these art cards on my ETSY shop this evening but here are a couple samples of the finished work in a Halloween theme, of course:

Quote of the Day:   We did not change as we grew older;  we just became more clearly ourselves.     

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Gloria said...

Hi, I'm 157 on the bloghop. I'm just now starting to view the different blogs. I haven't had time. I like your blog. Okay I will follow you, if you will follow me.:) Tee Hee. Have a great Sunday.