Saturday, June 4, 2011

And So Summer Arrives.... last. School is out for summer and now I get to play artist again for a while :) One quick note as the school year ends, when the world seems crazy, so much bad news... I feel renewed in the classroom as I see an incredible amount of hope for the future. There are just so many great, great kids.

I stood at the door of my studio today looking at an embarrassing amount of dust covering everything. So first thing tomorrow it all comes out for a good cleaning. I can't work in clutter and dirt. I, like a lot of artists, need the mood and atmosphere to be just right. I need the music on, the view from my window, a good cup of coffee and no interruptions.
Aldo Luongo,one of my favorite artists said, "While painting, I’m confined, lonely, enmeshed in emotions and self-doubt". I guess that sums it up for me as well.

I'm including one of my favorite Luongo paintings:

Quote of the Day: "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
~ Thomas Merton

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Gloria said...

What a great post! My studio is dirty and dusty too, but then so is my house. I need a housekeeper. :)