Thursday, June 23, 2011

Painted Ladies with Blue Dog

So after I inadvertently destroyed a painting while working into the middle of the night, I revamped my idea and finished a new painting today. In a way it was to my advantage to destroy the original as I tried to put a few finishing touches on in the middle of the night :(   The second painting here had the kinks worked out and everything flowed much smoother. Many artists do much more than block out their entire painting before they work, they really, in essence, do two paintings. The first rough draft painting is to work out the placement, colors, unexpected obstacles...  Then they are able to proceed with absolute confidence in the final piece. I may take a lesson from all of this as there is something to be learned from all mistakes. 
The blue dog in this piece was inspired by my own dog, Scout. No she is not blue but she can sit in the same position forever as she waits patiently for me to share my lunch or take her for a walk or simply give her a belly scratch.
This painting (20 x 20 canvas) and the others in the "Summer of Color" series will be available in original and print form within a few days at my shop

Quote of the Day : "When one door is closed, don't you know, another is open." - Bob Marley

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