Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whew...time for an update !

As most of my artsy friends know, when school is in session for the year I get very little art done. Most of my artistic energy is poured into my classroom but I do have two wonderful tidbits to share. The first is the stained glass class finally got off the ground after some delays. What a treat it is! Just as I expected, I love it. The teacher is marvelous and very patient (always a plus!).  Dealing with glass shards and lead is a challenge that I'm sure must get easier as time goes on.  Our first project is simple but I will share the outcome in a couple weeks. With only 5 students it's a great opportunity to immerse in creativity for a couple hours every week.
The second bit of fun to share is Via Arte. This is the annual street painting event that I take part in yearly. It was just as much fun as I knew it would be. I chose a bright and colorful piece this year and honestly, it is so much better to go with bright colors on the pavement than some of my more muted vintage looking pieces. I've added a few photos of the process and the finished product to this post. It is 7x7. I work alone and it took me 12 hours, 7am to 7pm

Finished product  :)

Quote of the Day: "To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved" ~ George MacDonald

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