Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Season

Hoping all of you are having a wonderful, peaceful, holiday season.  I'm posting a picture of an unfinished piece of stained glass I have been working on. It's new for me but I love the medium. This particular piece will be done soon, just need to touch up a few areas and then I will post the finished product. Already I have my next project in mind but as all of my artistic endeavors go right now, they will have to wait until the Christmas holiday. Just a quick thank you to my customers who have purchased paintings from me this Christmas season, it makes me feel special to know that one of my paintings will grace the wall of someone you care about.

Quote of the day:  "Even if your hands are shaking, And your faith is broken, Even as the eyes are closing, Do it with a heart wide open, Say what you need to say." ~John Mayer