Sunday, November 25, 2012

Missed my Blog

Should I even attempt to make a New Year's Resolution this early? Yes, I will post on my blog at least a little more regularly that once a year. I may be changing or should I say embellishing this blog with school art work and a quick "how to". The summer is spent creating my own professional work but the rest of the year I'm always looking for ways to enhance the appreciation of art in my 4th grade classroom. When I do stumble upon great ideas or invent my own, I will post them here.

Great day for a Balloon Race
Summer on McGillicutty Bay
Thank you to my newest customer in Budapest, Hungary. It was with joy that I shipped the above two paintings overseas. Always happy to reach a new area of the world :)

Quote of the Day:  "A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself" ~ Jim Morrison

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