Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Five in the Works

With only a couple of weeks until school starts again I have been on a painting frenzy to make up for lost time. Five paintings are scattered about my studio right now. I have a Rufus Porter replica and another in the angel series in the workings. More on those later this week. Just finished a fun little ocean scene. Would love to say it was a plein air piece but it was painted from memory.  I'm almost finished with a vintage Volkswagen van in a modern folk art setting. It is very similar to the one I posted on here some months back. Those sweet little vans showing up in paintings are always in demand. And finally, I touched up an older mixed media painting of a dancing angel. The customer had a small request that I was able to accommodate and the updated painting came out beautifully.
I'm posting photos of the angel and the ocean. More to come later this week.