Sunday, September 8, 2013

Preparing for Via Arte

Well I didn't meet my goal of finishing those three paintings before school started but one of them is at the midway point. Although untitled right now, it is a view of farmland with a balloon race passing overhead. One of my very favorite subject matter to paint is hot air balloons. I think that comes from the many years I lived in Reno, Nevada and the annual balloon race held in that great city. The patchwork of farmland was inspired by that drop down off the Grapevine (Interstate 5) as you are going north out of LA. If you are blessed with a clear day, coming off of that mountain and looking over the massive miles of farmland can look just like a patchwork quilt. By next weekend, this painting will be done and it will be the one that I will be duplicating this year at Via Arte, Bakersfield's street painting festival.

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