Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Artist's Block and Dick & Jane

         I try to stay as honest as possible on this blog, sharing my thoughts on art, life and whatever else strikes me. For the last two nights I have stayed awake late into the night (early morning) to work on paintings. This is something I've talked about with other artists, and I have a hunch it is the same with many types of creative people, we hit walls....solid, brick, unbreakable walls.  I mean places where good art does not happen, at least not easily. It's the place where all of your great ideas simply disappear.  Hmmm,.... in thinking about  this, I think it may be like writer's block. Years ago I remember a documentary about a writer (name slips my mind now) who had severe writer's block. He was told by his therapist to write through it, write very day regardless of the product. He pulled out the typewritten pages (yes, before computers)  from these days and faced with no outpouring of inspiration, he had typed all he could remember from the old Dick and Jane reading books. Page after page were filled with things like - Go, Spot. Go and find Dick. Go and find Jane. Run, Spot, run.  Yes, his writer's block eventually ended and he found his voice again. So in my own way, I've been pushing through even though I am entirely at a standstill. Trust me when I say, all creative types have these times and various ways of coping. I guess it is our demons to battle as we all have them. That's probably why so many artists have a propensity toward drugs and  alcohol. So back to my present dilemma....The hot air balloon piece I talked about earlier this week?  It has been reworked at least 6 times in the past two days and by the grace of God it is still on my easel and not in the trash. There is still hope on that one and I may even like it eventually. Two other paintings, started this week, did not fare so well. Both were unceremoniously walked out to the trash bin in the early morning hours. My paint brushes will be waiting for me tomorrow. So today I've taken a step back,  pulled out my artsy doodle pad (my version of Dick and Jane) and just chilled....turned the music up, the noise in my head down, poured a glass of wine and relaxed...

Song of the Day: "Demons" ~ Imagine Dragons

Quote of the Day :  "I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later".  ~ Mitch Hedberg

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