Monday, July 28, 2014

Stormy Skies and Comfort Zones

The skies are filled with ominous grey clouds, pretty  unusual for my part of the world.  It's still  105 degrees even with these clouds but it reminds me that the change of seasons is on the horizon, both literally and figuratively.  Well, literally it will be hotter than hell here for a couple more months but with school starting soon I will begin the countdown to cooler temperatures, rain, fog, snow in the mountains...and all that goes with Fall and Winter. Figuratively...well as time marches on we all face a change of seasons, ready or not, don't we.

I returned from Cabo, rested and ready, with a whole "bring it on" attitude.  I love to get out of my comfort zone, I even thrive on that element of the unknown. Yea, as a matter of fact, I do get bored easily. While standing in line at a Starbucks in the Cabo San Lucas International Airport (dang Starbucks is everywhere!) I got into a conversation with a couple from New Zealand.  We were sharing our thoughts about the necessity for getting out of comfort zones, how true growth won't happen unless you can have experiences outside of your element. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward. Let go of fears, take chances.  

I'm posting a few photos. The first is a collection of work I did at Cabo.  Buying paints on vacation rather than packing them along was....sketchy....the only paint I could find was from Walmart (ugh*$%#&). It was an assorted package of soft body acrylics. I'm not Walmart's greatest fan but I guess they sell what is purchased by the masses and I suppose for craft projects these paints would have been okay. I had some serious frustration with painting plein air as I just could not  get enough structure out of those paints, or even the right intensity of color. So, I only did a couple of ocean scenes just for fun. It was also as windy as all get out so it was a  canvas blowing away, water spilling, hair in eyes kind of experience.  I spent one morning painting the vase in the picture. Now THAT was one of my favorite  moments  :)  The next photos are a just a couple of touristy type images that I couldn't resist capturing.

Finally, on the last photo,  I'm returning to a painting I started last year. Yes, I do procrastinate, once in a while, sometimes, often. This piece is far from done, but hopefully I will finish it this week and post the end result. It's an homage to balloon races, something I have always loved and the patchwork of farmland that makes up the San Joaquin Valley.

Two Quick Cabo Plein Air Paintings and a Vase

Cabo's Famous Arch
Perfect Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Work in Progress

Very Beginning of Painting

Quote of the Day:  "Someday after we have mastered the winds, the waves, and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love; and then for a second time in the history of the world, human beings will have discovered fire."   ~  Teilhard de Chardin

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