Monday, February 16, 2015


Moving day and wow, could not be happier with the new space! Everything is in the new studio now and I can finally set about painting again.  

Moving day meant taking stock of what I need to keep and what needs to go. Most artists will agree when I say we accumulate lots of tools of the trade. We also accumulate lots of, how shall I say this...? ugly, hideous,, unsuccessful paintings. Ultimately they are just practice pieces. They are signed, dated, the whole process but when finished....yikes, I missed the mark. My art, no matter how unsuccessful, becomes part me. I never throw them out. I just stack these canvases in the corner and keep moving forward. Yesterday was a lesson in "letting go".  With box cutters in hand, I purged my life of those highly unsuccessful paintings. The first cut through the first painting was hard. By the end of the day I realized how necessary it is to do that on occasion. Nothing is gained by looking at your fails. Learn and move on...

Quote of the Day:  "You build on failure.You use it as a stepping stone." ~ Johnny Cash

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